Media Ministry

Welcome to the Media Ministry of Mt. Grace Open Bible, where technology meets faith to extend the reach of our spiritual community. Our dedicated media team is committed to capturing the essence of our church services and events, ensuring that gospel resonate with as many hearts as possible.

Live Streaming and Recording

Our media team diligently live streams and records our church services, allowing those who are unable to join us physically to still be a part of the worship experience. Through live streaming, we bridge distances and bring our congregation together virtually, fostering a sense of unity even in times when we're apart. Additionally, recorded services are made available online, allowing you to revisit sermons, teachings, and moments of inspiration whenever you need them.

Television Segment

Tune in to MTM Channel 19 on the Digicel Network every Friday from 9:00 PM and Saturday from 3:00 PM for half an hour as well as Tuesdays on TIN Channel 137 on the Trico Network at 5:30 PM for the same duration to catch our specially curated television segment that airs multiple times. This segment brings the warmth and wisdom of our church directly into your homes. Through this broadcast, we strive to connect with a broader audience, touching lives beyond our physical walls and sharing the transformative power of faith with viewers from all walks of life.

Supporting the Media Ministry

Behind the scenes, our media ministry operates with a deep sense of purpose and dedication. As technology evolves, so does our commitment to spreading the gospel through digital platforms. Your contributions to our media department help us maintain and upgrade equipment, enhance production quality, and continue our outreach efforts through various media channels. Your support enables us to reach hearts and minds, spreading the love of Christ through pixels and airwaves.

When you give to our media department, you're investing in the future of our ministry. Your donations help us reach more people, touch more lives, and bring the hope of Christ to those who need it most. Whether it's through live streaming, recordings, or television broadcasts, your generosity amplifies our message, making it accessible to people across the globe.
We're immensely grateful for your support and belief in the transformative power of technology and faith. Together, we can continue to share the message of love and salvation, creating a lasting impact in the digital age.